Auntie Psychiatry: anti psychiatry blog

What is Auntie's beef with Psychiatry?
Good question. In short, Auntie is fundamentally opposed to the system of psychiatry because it clashes with her personal experiences and moral values. The reasons for this are complex, deep rooted and tricky to excavate. This blog is a creative outlet for her feelings on the matter.

How often does Auntie update this blog?
Cartoons appear at sporadically, whenever the mood strikes.

Is Auntie a Scientologist?
No. She’s a giant anteater.

Is Auntie available for speaking engagements?
No. Auntie is unable to speak. She is a giant anteater.

Can I contact Auntie by e-mail?
Absolutely! Auntie has a specially adapted keyboard which enables her to type with her giant claws. You’d be amazed at her dexterity. 

Does Auntie have a Facebook Page or Twitter account?
No. Don't be fooled! Any accounts you find out there do not belong to Auntie Psychiatry.

Can I use Auntie's cartoons on my own Facebook Page, Blog, Powerpoint presentation?
Sure. Go nuts.